Flexible Infection MUD

Click here if you have a telnet client already or click here to download and run a Java Telnet application

Then select "File->Connect", and enter "gynoid.game-host.org:1619".

You'll need the Java Runtime Environment to run the app above. If you don't have it already, you can download it here. If you have Open Office, you probably have it already.

I recommend using a MUD client, and use an old version of zMUD myself, available here.

Any telnet client that can connect to port 1619 will work, as long as the terminal emulation supports ANSI or VT100 standards.

Gynoid Conversion

Graphic images by Imperator-Zor, you can view the originals on his deviantART page.

To play the game on your local computer, you need the compiled game file (its filename ends in .gblorb) and a glulx interpreter.

The compiled code for the Gynoid Conversion game can be found here, or posted to my deviantART account here.

Requires a glulx interpreter, I like to use Windows Git (wingit, you can download the latest version here.)

A compiled version of the game with Windows Git interpreter, in a Windows self-installer is avilable here.

This web page lists interpreters for various operating systems (you need one that support glulx blorb, .gblorb files), Inform7.com.

The Inform 7 source code for the Gynoid Conversion game can be found here.

A static linked version of Git 1.2.6 (console ncurses + unicode support) for Linux x86 can be found here, filename git-static.

The original story, Darwin Accelerated by Leighton White, can be found here.

Another in the same universe, Building a Better Tomorrow by LS, edited by Harry Gates, can be found here.

The sequel to BBT is An Even Better Tomorrow by LS, edited by Harry Gates, and can be found here.

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